Willkommen bei King of Bacon

The technology of the company MTJ -. Formtechnology LTD. has evolved from the conventional and traditional ham production. Producers as well as consumers have missed the original flavor of ham from the elapsed time. From this come the simple process of smoking meat and making then in the cooking process preserved.

Through the special modern methods in the secondary cutting, injecting, tumbling and forming of the meat into different types of closed forms, it was no longer possible to smoke the ham before cooking.

Thus the craft as well as the industry in modern production processes can achieve this original ham flavor again without having to use other additives, we were looking for ways to ham “before cooking to smoking” and if possible “All in one pass”!

After many test runs which took a long time experience to complete this and it is build up the King of Bacon technology with such patented ham mold too manufacturing. Because in contrast too a conventional ham press system, the King of Bacon® equipment is extremely versatile. Due to a special surface design, it was possible to make up to 7 different steps in one operation possible, which is now drying, smoking, tires, cooking, cooking, grilling and cooling is possible without interruption. This not only guarantees optimum shape, but also uniform smoked and heat distribution during the manufacturing process.

There were and are to this day very many imitators but there is only “an original” King of Bacon®.