360 degree view

    TYPE D


    Use for production of:
    back side ham, prager ham, raw and cooked curred ham

    body shape: round

    design: flat

    cover design: half-round

    Art-Nr Mould type Cover design Dimensions
    016 standart D1 flat 170 x 160 x 250 mm
    017 standart D2 half-round 170 x 160 x 250 mm
    018 standart D3 flat 170 x 160 x 500 mm
    019 standart D4 half-round 170 x 160 x 500 mm
    020 special DS on request on request

    All forms are made entirely of stainless steel in a highly polished version for hygienic use, optional uprated rails at the bottom for the automatic application to the King of Bacon line.

    For questions or additional information please contact our King of Bacon team and are happy to help!