The “King of Bacon” membrane-foil is made based on polyamide. With the shape-sections is a simple handling guaranteed.

She is transparent, tear-resistant, highly flexible, permeable to smoke and has a good flavor and aroma barrier. The film also has a high temperature resistance and is therefore universal applicable.

Optional we can offer the membrane film in microperforated version. Unwanted air bubbles during filling in these cases can be prevented. Jelly and fat on the surface of the final product is avoided. The easy removal of the film after the thermal treatment ensures a clean and problem-free slicing.

Art.-nr. Membran- foil sheets pack dimensions:
370 type 500 small with 500 sheets 600 x 700 mm
371 type 500 big with 500 sheets 800 x 700 mm

Certificate of approval:
Our plastic flat film meets the requirements of the following laws:
European plastic Regulation (EU) no. 10/2011 and Regulation (EU) no. 1935/2004 in its current version. Food – and Feed Code (LFGB) from 01.09.2005 requirements object regulation 23.12.1997 Directive 2002/72 EG including the amendment of Directives 2004/1/ EG, 2004/19 / EG, 2005/79 / EG, and 2007/19 EG