The “King of Bacon” NatureFlex film is made of biodegradable cellulose.

Recovered Bio-pulp from managed plantations, the film is highly glossy and transparent, has a good flavor and aroma barrier.

art.-nr. Foil sheets Nature flex dimension:
310 type universal 1000 Slicer width 625 mm / length 1080mm

Instructions for Storage:
In order to maintain the high quality of Nature flex during storage, it is recommended, that the film should be in the original packaging to store away from any local heating source and protected from direct exposure to sunlight. Recommended storage conditions are: temperature 17-23 ° C, relative humidity 35-55%.
use film for a period of 12 months from date of delivery and should be consumed in moderate regular change depending on the date of delivery.

The delivered NatureFlex foil conforms to the Commodities Regulation of 23 December 1997 and is suitable for direct contact with food.
The product is biodegradable and composting capable gem. EN 13432: 2000 by DIN CERTCO.