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    The pressgrids are intended for all pressed products. Mostly will be used in the cooked and raw ham manufacturing, but also in the salami- or cheese production.

    The pressing effected by means of press bolts with springs laterally mounted on the base grid and a spring holder attached to the upper grid, transmitting the pressing force, and in these case compresses the two grids of the top and bottom. The between press grid in the three grid set, allow to press depending on product requirements twice the amount!

    These grids can be used as 2 or 3 press grid set, as base grid with upper grid or as a complete set, consisting of a base, between – and upper grid in standard smoke trolley 90 x 90 cm or 100 x 100 cm are used.
    Optional is also our new Quick-locking device available.

    art.-nr. 2 - press-grid dimensions:
    230 Set 90 / 42 width 90 cm x length 42 cm
    232 Set 100 / 42 width 100 cm x length 42 cm
    234 Set 94 / 92 width 94 cm x length 92 cm
    236 Set 100 / 100 width 100 cm x length 100 cm
    238 Set 60 / 40 width 60 cm x length 40 cm

    All press grid sets are made entirely of stainless steel in a highly polished version for hygienic use.

    Depending on the levels of classification and special dimensions in existing smoke trollies this can be requested individually.

    For questions or additional information please contact our King of Bacon team and we will be happy too help you!